Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sum and difference identities

This was my comment concerning this specific identity. I personally detest long formulas but this one is very useful and easy to remember.

A very well detailed scribe post. This scribe post helped me remember the concept behind this specific identity. I remember the fist time that i learned this identity, i found it really dry and boring. Now, i just need to put this found knowledge in the upcoming test. Keep up the good work!


Also, another comment concerning the same matter.


Good scribe post. This scribe post sort of reminded me of the JABBAWOCKEEZ because of the way that you use kinesthetics to learn the sum and difference identities. Next year, if you take Calculus with Mr. K you guys will not just dance but also sing. Also, about that superstition about writing your name in red ink, my friend said that it doesn't mean anything important. Keep up the good work!


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