Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mathematical Modelling

While i was doing my daily routine of reading the blog, I've seen some homework that were posted by my peers. I should say that I'm quite impress by the quality of their work. I'm starting to really like this bunch of people. I can see that they are really enthusiastic to learn math. Now, i kinda want to go to the class and meet all of them, so i left their homework some comments.

First of all good job on the detailed answer. I really like how you put a lot of space so your solution will be easy to follow.After doing the whole question myself, I therefore conclude that Zeph's answer is the right one. There is something wrong with the algebra. There are many different ways to check this problem. One of them is to use your calculator. First of all, you need to plug in the function. Then press the 2ND button then TRACE then press 1.After that plug in your answer as the x value then press ENTER. You should see that the y value should be very close to 4. Thats the quick way of doing it.


Here's another comment from another homework.

Great work everyone! I really like that your solution is easy to follow because of the added space. After checking your solutions, I therefore conclude that it is perfect. Now, I just need to check two more questions from the other groups.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Critical Thinking

While I was surfing through the blog, I noticed that most of the post were talking about Mr. K's new gimmick of making his students think. His new gimmick is to tell one lie per day so that his students will critically analyze everything that he says. This method sorta reminds me of this blog post that i read on one of the blogs on my rss feeds. The post talks about another teacher that uses the same methodology to make his students pay more close attention to what he is saying.


I'm quite impress that you caught that lie. I didn't even caught that one when i was trying to redo the whole question by myself. It's quite nice to see that many of you guys are getting a lot from Mr. K's lies. I guess that his strategy makes all of you critical analyze what he is saying.Good job and keep up the good work!