Thursday, June 5, 2008

2nd last class= 2nd last comment

Well this could be my very last comment post on this blog. Its been a nice and valuable experience to mentor such a good group of people. Its been a nice run and hopefully i can still do it for next year, even though I'm going to be busy with my university studies. I might have to email Mr. K next year if i can mentor his Precalculus and AP calculus classes next year. I think i should stop now because the thought of having my last class with Mr. K really makes me sad, so without further ado here is my comment on Francis's post:


That was an amazing poem you made, you deserve some major props for that. Today was not really the last class , tomorrow will be the last class. I kinda feel sad because it is going to be my last class with Mr. K, while you guys still have the chance to become his student next year IF you take AP Calculus. I will definitely miss his skits that make the class very interesting.


Sunday, June 1, 2008


There is only about 5 school days before the provincial exams and it seems like the class is a little trouble in time.


Great scribe post! I am really impress on how thoroughly explained your scribe post is. I really struggled in probability ever since grade 9 and is one of the reasons why i took this class again. Its too bad to hear that we are not going to have a test for this unit, because i really want to measure my expertise in this. BTW, good luck on your provincial exam tomorrow.