Sunday, April 27, 2008

Exponents and Logarithms worksheet

This was my answer regarding Zeph's question. He was asking on how to do a specific question because he was not in class for the whole week because of some extra curricular activity. Here it is.


I'm going to answer your second question first, since it is tougher.

Question 15

logX^2 = (logX)^2

First is to apply the rules for logarithms.The equation will look like this:

2logX= (logX)^2

Now, let logX= y (or some other variable. The equation will look like this:


Do some algebraic massage


0= y (2-y)

y= 0 and y=2

Now substitute back logX=y

logX=0 and logX=2

Take antilog of both sides

x=10^0 and x=10^2

x=1 and x=100


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