Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pythagorean Identitties

This is my comment to Zeph. I was clearly intrigue by the format of his scribe. I wish my mind works sequentially and clearly as his post.


I should say that I'm really impressed by this post. This post is very well written and organized. I like how you make outlines, it sort of summarized everything that happened in class. Keep up the good work!



Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

You've been busy in your role as mentor!! And if I may say so, doing an outstanding job of mixing positive encouragement, honest observations and additional content--

I wondered, as good as your comment is, is there a reason you didn't include "I was clearly intrigued by the format of your scribe. I wish my mind works sequentially and clearly as your post."

If you were Zeph, do you think that addition might have been helpful?


m@rk said...


I must say that I've been terribly busy and tired this past few days but your positive comments really energizes me.

As a reply to your question, I think that if i were Zeph, that additional content will be very helpful for my future scribes. It will give me an idea on the aspects of my scribes that are working and others that need some polishing.