Monday, February 25, 2008

Function Notation

First post on my mentoring blog. Kind of weird trying to help my fellow classmates in their math studies based on my experiences and wisdom that I gained from taking this class last year.


Question #15 on exercise 2 is just simply using function notation. Since f (x) = 2x + 3 and you have to find k so that f(k+2) = k + f(k).
so we`ll work on the right side first, all you have to do is just substitute k+2 to x so you have:
2(k+2) + 3

On the other side since k is just a constant you just leave it and then again reading the function notation you need to substitute k to x so you have this:
k+ 2(K)+3

Therefore, you will end up with this kind of equation:
2(k+2) + 3 = k + 2k + 3

Then with the help of some algebra you will get this answer:
2k + 7 = 3k + 3
4 = k


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